Reenu Baiju Krishna

Reenu Baiju Krishna


Reenu Baiju Krishna – a Celebrity Makeup Artist – is also the Managing Director and chief driving force of Global Glamup Academy.

A strong woman with a strong vision, Reena Baiju Krishna believed that every woman is beautiful, so deserves to look just that. This laid the foundation of Global Glamup Academy. Reenu Baiju Krishna is a prominent name in beauty and fashion industry of South India. Being a celebrity makeup artist with immense years of experience knowledge she wants to pass on this two the coming generation making them fit and equipped for the industry. She had worked with Malayalam film stars like Navya Nair, and Rimi Tomy. She had also worked for celebrities in South Indian film and television industry.

It was mandatory to her and the team the students understand the real world of working in beauty and fashion industry. Reenu’s untiring commitment and dedication helps the students push the boundaries of makeup training to this day making Global Glamup one of the most reputed and respected makeup academy in South India.


Why Choose Us

As founder of Global Glam-up Academy, Reenu’s focused plan for the makeup academy remained unchanged. Global Glamup Academy was formed with one and only aim – to provide the best and professional makeup classes that would be accessible and reasonable for every aspiring makeup artists, thereby allowing students get the needed experience and skills required to succeed in this competitive industry.

Our team’s vision for the academy has led to the success of our students and unprecedented demand for Global Glamup Academy courses. This has enabled us to be a leading academy in South India.

Global Glamup Academy has a bunch of beauty professionals and experts who know what it is like to succeed and gain prominence in this competitive industry. Their up-to-date experience and knowledge help students find big opportunities in the field.

The courses comprises of proper guideline, and tutorials for various services. Our students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities to foster superior level of training and learning. The main highlight of our academy is course specialization. We have numerous course options to choose from so that they can master the course they wish to take thus making our students a perfect fit for beauty and fashion industry. All our courses are certified by government of India.

Our students has also worked with professional and inspirational models, actors and also worked for countless magazines.

It is the passion and dedication that we share for our skills and industry which is the sole factor behind the reach of Global Glamup Academy and we look forward to you joining in our success.